Paradise Now

First published by Grey Book Press, edition of 50

Why shouldn’t communes proliferate everywhere?
In every factory, every street, every village, every school.
At long last, the reign of the base committees!
– The Invisible Committee

Double Interpellation

Double Interpellation

The paradox of Lenin’s face while waiting for that facial is fucking classic
cum dumpster gets Creampied n lets it drip shit coming out of her ass

im into watching girls read Marx living in the contradiction of political urgency
and perfected Japanese Blowjobs asian girls will always swallow not like white girls

sums up the master function of philosophical practice to draw a dividing line

between the theory of the repressive State apparatus and Schoolgirl Rape on Toilet
why is her pussy fkn blurred FUCK these Chinese are really fucked up

Student gets Spanking ^o^ yeeeahhh founding a new science of the unconscious
prbaly my favoite irl right now so hottt it's shoube illegal ut thank god it's ot

bet that ass tastes good ensuring subjection to the professionals of ideology
dominated by the sexed human order of infinite aleatory vaginal bigtits cum shots

Try! Magazine March 2010

Liberal Blisters

It won’t do!
It won’t do!
You must investigate!
You must not talk nonsense!
– Mao Tse-Tung

radar screens of girls’ underwear with faint pink potatoes
like blasphemous broken acrobatic future perfect film aesthetics
have in mind the repeating theme of discontinuous impossible virtuosity

but remain ordinary in the search for vengeance in centuries of childhood
enforced restriction of a sham motherhood requirement for worth on one’s blackberry
WE’RE ALL MAD HERE is the proper means of settling contentious issues

where we live is the liberalest liberal part of the world so we play devil’s advocate
FLCL argues that human life begins in domestick industry by pursuing one’s interest
promoting the doubt of contentment and the terror of hopelessness

with overt Buddhist messages assuming this feels comfortable in the extreme version
even Spice Girls sabermetricians disagree about the function of the mental apparatus
to convert freely mobile cathectic energy into mainly quiescent tonic sustaining

omniscient hoodwinked celestial catechistic havoc on the lives of third graders
to make judgments of what is good we need to consider aesthetic value hesitantly
faster and stronger than the average wannabe ninja suffering from lingering solipsism

Absurdist Destiny Drugs

I’ve never been in love on acid…
although trees were too beautiful to look at
I suppose love can be that way too.
– Catherine Meng

bits and pieces of vertiginous love imagine themselves
essential parts of a larger attending miracle these days
cannot be believed by any reasonable American
increasingly pre-occupied with misanthropic alienation
put in Dark Side of the Moon and Wizard of Oz and freak out

thus spoke Vincent Vega the coolest guy in psychedelic London
just standing there for long stretches while the band played
very awkward and very disturbing for all humanity
keeping the spirit of acid parties alive in countless parking lots
in your gilded cage reduced to a bloody catatonic mess

something’s wrong with the language theory when I say roll over
and the terrorist attacks of September 11th are spawned in the end
a rock band operates in perfect capitalism where commercial ruin
determines completely free heavy causal punishment praise and blame
someone in my head but it’s not my Republican excursion nightmare

spat from the mouth of American education’s hemorrhoidal portal
some spirit guide in your odyssey lamenting the death of Frank Zappa
LSD isn’t painful so death is nothing to us disappointment falls away
we judge ourselves to be in control of things we are not free animals
the hope was that a booster shot of cynicism would reduce the pinkness

not sure if it ever worked                    seemed to make sense at the time

Fenced Femivisions
Exquisite corpse kitchen nightmares as odalisques of the New
   American’s finest patriotic professional patronizing simulated gothic merchandising industry
As enablers
            Of gentle working-class criminally narrative blue
      Balls of trisexual structuralism, read any
   Good television lately? ¿¿¿¿¿¿Gender
         World?????? pts 1&2
            Black dramedy
Ground zero gaze curb your money shot
            Oil nuke gimp thaw
      Prolegomena to supernatural bachelorette machines of reproductive futurism
   Sharper queer box butch bois will not, did not           
            Occur, straight sex Situationism rule of law
Body genre post-Enlightenment sadomasochism
      So forensic, so hot
            So Republican, psychosexual rise and fall
         Of neoliberalism
      As mirror stage reifying intertextual heteronormativity
   Or, the specular logic of late
         TV eye-dol wants to be
An undead transvestite corporate millionaire? enema of the state
      Belief Pavlovas filing bankruptcy
   On your face
            Latent slasher taffy affect post-9/11 procedural freedom
   Heterosexuality (memento mori apertif) is obsolete, abolish the couple
         Annihilate the Right
      Fuck Fence
         Forgot to remember to rethink praxis, wet Oedipal
            Eat at Passagenwerk’s hooplehead et in impotēns
      Ego declension spectacle
            Of life
   White middle-class guilt, the opium
         Of capitalist religion
      Domesticity reconfiguring domination, recuperate total protracted pleasure wars
   Beneath the theory stones in a cum
Stained letter with Marxist jargon
            Found near the orgy, slogans to be spread before
   While and after making love, third-wave orgasms
         Idealism is narcissism fiending representation
No ideas but in cock blocks, bête noir
         Of the bed, he-she died
Swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride

Statistical Tarantella

It certainly is a form of domination to freeze
people’s control over their deaths. By this curse
a philosopher tortures to pieces her pessimism
to the limit of a magic bullet quite relaxed
refusing to offer any straw comfort through
mise-en-scène naiveté paralleling blindness
to the lack of a moral nastiness to make
the playoffs in the science of humor
acumen and crime. Get a clue from an earring
matched in the apartment of love leading
one to theorize on an incredible truck
going into a hypnotic state betraying
the Roman occupation. Who wants to be
a starter’s kit thinking through radical ethics
largely irrelevant to short-term emergency
medical futurist eschatology endorsed by
one’s dead father? To attend to a malfunction
of brute self-blindness as narrative identity
and dream of psychological facts about lying
to negative critical defenders of habitual
time travel namely the tenseless common
sense first female to complete a transfer
reacting to the suffering of seeing
being your future in faults and fixes. Several
rungs down vanity ignorance I been telling you
you’re the fucking Christ you gotta crush
cricket expectorating the emery ball
deploying deity alacrity testing denizens
of their mock goomahs. Equally striking
is the violence-prone appeal to countless millions
for thousands of years of fallible failure.

Supernatural Fat People Apologists

Partly in response to God’s moral immaturity, websites “before the fall” were mostly in it to make a buck, forming universal conclusions from a limited number of copies of experience. To think about it becomes impossibly complex, like defending oneself from a sword attack by a high-ranking severely retarded animal having a crisis of faith. 

It’s an intellectual certainty to be placed under surveillance by the military to associate women with bacon, steak, creamed spinach, salad with Caesar dressing, and foil-wrapped baked potato. There occurred a weird power imbalance when the Jedi were destroyed, tearing the very fabric of The Roots who died then returned to life.

Death itself started working backwards, turning the arguments of feminism and obesity to rifles, no longer needing to dodge bullets, what’s at stake is alienation. While trying to stop a street fight, a moral reporter demands resetting the world for a social reference point to help people sleep more creatively. 

This is important during the working day but when drinking much of the time to protect the innocent, power is just a magic apple from a winged horse. Evil, for all the good it creates, is provocative and playful, raising the divide between high and low culture, and just hitting you with depth.

New Microsoft Word Document

the blank page is full of shit
– Bruce Andrews

What is Intelligent Design anyway
         When quantum giggity-giggity multiverse Anti-Batman
      Leads masturbation upon Übermensch Picasso
         It’s 6:18pm on Judgment Day
   Dear Dr. Stalin Augustine Manhattan
Seneca Cloud Strife Lyotard hello
         Silly reader class struggle stays
            In nonexistent Vegas there can’t
      Be Kantian annihilation of Chocobo
            Space races by time petarded
      Paraconsistent Room 23 video logic
   This week in Mexicans beat
         The Whites with the Red
      Sox and Nicomachean vampire semiotics
         Poop monster lying to meet
Norm Baudrillard Macdonald if God
         Batters you then you’re psychotic
      Homosexual proletarian post-it notes create
Generation Final Fantasy X Rorschach
      Hell love is a state
         Apparatus speaking capital to stockholders’
            Politically correct looking-glass terror attacks
         Valorized by The Onion’s corporate
            Mirror nuclear voodoo maleficent signifier
Signified I’d love to fuck
      Evolution schmevolution to panoptically intubate
Plagiarized altruistic causal-historical CTU Headquarters
         A concussion to the critique
Of economic simulacral skin cancer
            Psychoanalyzing you in a van
         Prison experiment jumping the synchronic
   Sartrean oven mitt non sequitur
This is our porno and
            This is our porno music
   I am the mutant teacher
            Performing riddle me this second
   Sex picking through possible purgatorial
            Soviet Union peacefulness on losing
   My October Revolution once more
With bullshit total product recall
      For kids’ predetermination of fighting
   Fire with women vs. murderers
      In prison notebooks of Oedipal
            Lusty utilitarian pixie discriminations scapegoating
   Radicalization of Japanese nonontologic metabeer
And uh you know cats
   Of paradoxical realistic social facts

Frodo and Postmodernism

it’s a machine-made deception to act out of one’s interests

corrupting the youth deserves free meals at the public expense
recuperating traditional family values and gender roles
of squabbling and violence leads to a counterrevolution of the stupid
c’mon you idiots we’re taking back this town
theory fails to win the game of life to impress potential sex-partners
to succeed in business without trying is not a pleasant world of illusory fantasy

obliviously wolfing down food with religious political zealotry
no moral principles or theories to be mistaken about
relativist pleasure friendship pornography as retributive role of state
in healthy robbery rape pillage of lunch money cupcake agendas

sympathetic snot food has everything the body needs that makes us human
the desire to fit in be cool and feel normal occasionally with mischief
feelings of inadequacy living in your parents’ ice cream truck
slap-fight recovering demon in popular alternative rock band
to bring oneself into right relationship with enchantment in slavery

the hobbits attempt to deal with the fetishism of the object
restoring relations with people and things by a potlatch of life
a lavish party of noisy dysfunctional numb vomiting toward super knowledge
as autonomous nostalgia of Mad magazine Mel Brooks and Our Town
power doesn’t have your interests in mind by a therapeutic state
fostering cafeteria-style spiritual selves as crinkly-eyed cuckolded hive-minds

going outside of the text instantaneously conveys economically mature free rapid-fire density
any key to moronic testosteronic self-deceptive memory worth living

Star Trek Literary Theory

on the far banks of the iPod Oz is in New York
the Scarecrow is a cybernetic organism in outer space

playing out the aftermath of five hundred years of modern colonialism
in Groundwork for the Metaphysics of the Human-Looking Class

of useful lunatic collaborators admitting
that you can’t have your raktajino and drink it too

although Schopenhauer didn’t have genocidal cyborgs in mind
reconciling Majora’s Mask with slamming his head into the wall

as the best pragmatic explanation in Hollywood
psychological training techniques getting soldiers to kill

gook toaster PTSD Klingons humanoids in 1840
my silly song for Sartre outsourced to Vietnam

and my hometown in chaos: is Kansas to be slave or free?
seriously frakked up to take over the Alpha Quadrant

New Text Document
      incomplete death penalty corruption conflict
      democracy workplace will the Real please step
forward irony mutants’ yin-yang dark night of naughty
identity death discharge
                  Taoist laughing lottery
            oxymoron gateway remedy index semiotics
            quantum tunneling super-strength
      epistemic tool liberal Xerox authenticity
                  racism look who’s talking
                        Yankee naïveté mythology
                        last laugh emergency social
                        contract failure vampire-
                        Dämmerung rebellion
                        vanisher theory resurrection
      man’s price boredom revolution breaking news
      archetype stalemate sacrificing party escape miles
            slave x-factor ambiguous normality metal
            cookie defense theodicy quorum
                  for metaphysics of bullshit function
                  in anger with nonconformity
                  wormholes vice necessity value
                  inversion or
            are they Sprachspiel noumenal must
            complete time machine dick island
            wuthering seamless abnormal
                  deep slough condemned to freedom
                  as eternal
      comic book stapler ethics ontology Übermensch
seppuku temp virus link advent clueless you
      don’t know
            Kant disasters flying
                        gender blender epistemology
                        hulk gotta
                        Stein harassment werewolves
                        war Bush
                        spin systematic self-
                        deception gut-based cocaine
                        management-speak in love to
                        be fired Cyclops temperance
                        race stop looking at
                        me go
      crazy thinking alternate political failure not-so-
      funny joker sacrifice fans soul
play self-fulfilling hurricane Iraq n roll apple-pie
authoritarianism Cthulhu Galt women merger broken
            stockholders salmon hex-spheres amnesia
            Israfghyianonanaq thumos thrash labor
            shame realpolitik America desperate
            military suffering
            humor Lenin bombing #1 self-other destiny
            capture speaking truth
                        to substances pseudoscience
                        plastic mediating kosher
                        Valhalla historia erôs oracle
                        surveillance species winner
light villain film dishonesty
                  test whistle-blowing madness
                  puppets plurality waking
                        helix crank yankers logistikos
                        historical bushido midget
                        Plato Iranian kill ‘em
metaphor marijuana press corps bête-machines self-
intimate suicide stock rock decider copyright superhuman
relative clock materialism
      chains fade to
            Santa mammoth republic warehouse
            universe screwed by language genetics in
            unity there is
      law Oedipus storyline blackadder shadow medicine
      up house critical money
            state censorship homo creeping wolfsbane
            Osama space-time begging
                  class worldline doomsday DNA
                  fluids masturbaphobia wordballoon
                  havoc construction
                  fatale deceit Zeus rōshi affirmative
                  femininity forever minorities
                  simulacra wrath boor evolutionary
                  protest brain paper monsters riddle
                  soup rube
petit saṃsāra absurdity banking civil crossfire telepathy
                  disobedience vs.
action maxim subtext rose wrecker television dirty conflict
genejoke drugs control
activating fiends REM poison power relativity
                        scandal barbarian corporate
                        objective imprinting free
                        faith elections punisher

Obsession is Not an Addiction

so who is Stupidus now? says Intelligent Design
Jesus said Abraham Lincoln shalt not perish from the earth
all schools and their experiments illegitimately are belong to us

legitimacy derives from some farcical aquatic ceremony
the philosophy of noise is bigger than Jesus now
Bible Belter brandishes firearms drunken in a trance in his pants

if Bono had been embezzling millions from charities
its because humans are wired to be flesh-and-brain-eating predators
feminist ethicists play sold-out arenas just to pay their poker addiction

a good yarn about a sea of holes creating personal prisons
about the economic health of oil companies through peer pressure
taking charge of a poker table is much like leading empires

when the chorus is played backwards one can hear a voice saying
help me guard against vicarious zombie gladiatorial talk shows
the urge to smoke becomes my ultimate concern

eating fruit and chewing your leg off are revolutionary
man gave names to all the vampires whose unlives really do suck
Dracula wants to lose himself under a load of beautiful distractions

exchanging passwords to transform cancer mofo
negative freedom to watch the calories when one goes to heaven
insatiable thirst for blood unaware of the damaging effects on teeth

so what does all this have to do with the price of butter?
nothing! but the bizarre value of non-instrumental poetry
the spontaneous overflow of a million training wheels

for Andrew Kenower

Fruitcake Convention Property Rights

I am not a bad machine spawn camping corporations
all MMORPGs are offspring of Paradise Lost
killing fields of tequila throwing kittens in a woodchipper
is pop revolutionary? receive +3 Intellect

Milli Vanilli’s egalitarian vision is compromised
by the importation of Buffettesque Banality of Evil
see also Batman see also church and state
wherever the will to power is dominant is death to visit an alien world

next to the Crazy Mountains on the planet Cybertron
President George McGovern decisively turns off the waterfall
tourists go home seek some therapy
reality is a steady chain of high school

fired from the lottery Silver Surfer ran into the cosmic dog fence
Galactus says the lyric poet needs to understand that reclaiming your corpse
can be embarrassing hence why killing your friends can be so much fun
and that religion driving on the right side of the road and universal truth are wrong

embarrassing clips on news media of negative liberty
cop-out no-win situation for the Nietzschean over-woman
ascendant sign with gospel force by all female healer tank damage-dealer
in privileged intellectual long-term investment group dungeon fights

organized battles against fruitcake America
and when all else fails go beat up ninjas
you are blameworthy despite your lack of options
squeeze my subtle violence of justice

to understand humor a band of complete unknowns performs surgery
without an understanding of major social and political problems
we need real truth based on ignorant opinions
magic comes from mastering rotting groceries

alienation is played out and global capitalism is bullshit
cryptic viral blips cultivate historical amnesia covered in oil
at a party in Saint-Germain-des-Pres communist Magneto
assaults Jonathan Edwards in prison with fiery righteousness

Structures Not Subjects

   Secret history of dividing signs
         Equal lines, past time, leisure
The real revolutionary question sparking
         Experiences without purpose, chaotic jungles
   Devoid of meaning, why not
         Annihilation of the soul, humanism
Of the economy, that’s it
            You’re out of the Commune
What to do for pleasure
            When syntax is breaking down
   Language poetry, investigations into post-structuralist
            Linguistics with occasional Marxist line
Breaks, micro capital, finish smashing
      The pieces, combat liberal pluralism
         Living research in revolution, never
   Work in order to consume
Representative democracy, that drunken vote
            Imposed from without is tyranny
         Bearing beneath my sandpaper overcoat
   On the passage through anarchy
         An affirmation of life, nothing
   Is true, everything is permitted
In a rather brief unity
            Of time, allergic to order
      Radical reinforcement against anti-communists, immune
            To set all well afloat
      Yes and no are lies
Axioms splitting spirit and permanent
   Revolution, only music is intermittent
         I wanna see some history
      The story of original actions
Fluent, pregnant nature of sounds
            Move from zero to rupture
      Gulags of chance, a sabotage
To hell with the poverty
      Of internet life, 1980s, John
            Lennon was wrong, Vladimir Lenin
      Was right, go in horizontal
            The Office for Experimental Communism
         Masses becoming poets in action
   Newness necessary to amnesia periods
      Total war or the adventure
            Never begins, impossibility of repeated
      Actions, ahahahahahahahahahah, dance away property
   In autonomous zones from capital
      Opposites = parts of whole
         Goal to have no goal

for Tim Kreiner


Cover art and design by Andrew Kenower.

Back cover text from the cover of Try! Magazine, June 2010.

These poems first appeared in Abraham Lincoln and the pamphlet Poetry is not Enough.

Thank you to Sandra Simonds for her part in selecting this collection.

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