First published by Berkeley Neo-Baroque, edition of 50

There are not two kinds of poetry there is only one: Jacobin and unyielding
– Joshua Clover

Third Part of “A”-9

An essence to action deployed by semblance
Of things related thus equated values,
The measure all use is multiple, labor,
The pure abstraction of void as resemblance
Impasse created, integrated all hues
Power natural use, constructed words, neighbor
Induced by language not multiple: Light is
What night is as form of being which mentors
Names, ‘nothing’ enters ‘emptily,’ exchanges
Elements, sets, which designate, arranges
Replaced multiples, particular right is
Whose sight is void truth of being, frequenters
Admit our centers could be matter, changes,
Filled with subset of itself that estranges.

The name of the void being unique, real
Danger to ready care of steady token
Which is unbroken existence, induces
The State, wearies null-term social ideal
Bond upon head, prohibits eddy. Broken
Follows unspoken absolute produces
Statist power of a priori loci,
The foci of arrival: things reflected
Posit subjected multiples, revision –
Belonging/inclusion : One/All imprecision –
Ø – nothing is not part (zero’s I)
As close sigh presented ‘elsewhere,’ effected
Remains corrected remit for prevision,
Classic α ∪ β decision.

Structure of value, the wager of any
Law of perfection, pure projection solely
Is pure law lowly, global of the senses,
Evental site, void foundational, many
States of direction of defection – wholly
Working class, slowly, possible offenses –
Revolution forms from event extorted
Of thwarted total disjunction, impeded
Schemas of ceded event-sites, decreases
Limit, fixed guffaw of pitfalls increases
Multiple yet counted as one, unsorted
One, sorted originary split speeded
Border exceeded, rupture, by the pieces
Interventional style transcended, time ceases.

Truth acts beyond the phase day wills it into –
The laws of pure errs of qua poorer torn – a
Theme to adorn a now banal state eying
Fidelity, joined, event dependent into
The gap obscurer between furor bourne, a
Being, time worn, a voiced look, by life eying
Mathematicity to thus behoove us,
Disprove us least as things of site appearing,
Poetry gearing to light’s infinite locus:
Is pure multiple numerable focus?
No one really knows us who does not prove us,
Fix point to move us, infinity searing
Endeavors veering from guises which cloak us,
State mastery by language, men invoke us.

State language – pledging complex demand – guarded
Excess of error, the least error asserted –
Levels obverted, ontology joined to
Calculus edging multiple discarded –
Void, language’s terror, ‘distance’ there averted
Between subverted one, two effects point to
Event unclassifiable in vision –
The prison of long term laws of event – coded
Master, decoded paradox, evaded
Relative to criterion degraded,
Multiple incapable to the vision –
The scission, circular thesis corroded
In which it is indiscernible, faded,
The subject is rare, in action not aided.

The name of the subject of militant action
Can force two names referential in time, now
Veridical rhyme now how song’s exaction
‘Where’ there is traction of subject equated
Memory as purity approximated.


of truth-value before silence-speech
which subtracts from their alternation

a crushing victory for democracy
unthinkable by terror-virtue

nothing but takes and editing
mathematical correspondence

imperial democratic phraseology
atoms by degrees of existence

the virtual spies with hats
a tsunami of avant-garde rats

what are numbers
the relation is total

entirely nothing than one riven
after a delay of varying length

below the encyclopedia of the situation
a moving division forever tangled

sexuated topology
hard-working between differences

kinds of inscriptions
pieces of the game

a symptom too little too much
intuitive universality variable

politics thought traversed
requirements of the epoch

masterplan as drawn
as implemented existence

to think change in being
intellectual racist blustering

no concessions to democratic debate
production by the finite of an infinite

the international moribund creeds
the exceptional stable paradox

the slow repressive inversion
not good-bad but is or is not

a transcendental algebra for the evaluation

imperative and immobility called masculine
wandering and story called feminine

the affirmation of chance
the possible objects at once pure and solid


the collectivity’s affirmation of itself
as all uncertain things thought infinitely

a little-bit-of-real umbilical cord
stain which returns the gaze

neutral universal pathological kernel
chaotic retreat into noumenal sublime

vanishing radical negativity contraction
of light into concrete uncouples freedom

ideological therapy barrier disproportion
abolished by demolishing the inside

sexuality secretes stumbling whole
retroactively posited minus beyond

inherent negation returns of parallel
resistance of distance today’s ideology

reality distributed in formulas
mutatis mutandis the embolism

illusion of dignity disavowal
of truth imitation ontologization

hysteric capitalism
theological intervention

epiphany trap productive failure
from pre-symbolic to language

free-floating gaze
meaningless crime

specific fantasmatic kitsch
transubstantiation return-to-itself

fetish within two lacks
beyond elements ex-apted

grounded abyssal responsibility
distractions of freedom

free unconscious decision
catastrophe exploitation

tradition interpellates names
ambiguously debilitating orders

simplified binary utopia
if confronted without obstacle

new symbolic death
tragic fidelity sacrifice

ethical intersubjectivity desire
drive to silence


parody cipher inversion
letters combine in event

habit rupturing surprise
destruction for change

word-rhyme into sense
messianic crisis of law

aporetic gift obligation
killed not sacrificed

the irreparable modalities
ὁμοούσιος ambiguity limit

τέχνη not by fire
anomie between law and life

unsayable to glory
signatory secularization

sound into proposition
indeterminate law clauses

massive apparatuses
knowingly contrary to order

immemorial proximity
vanishing ground of citizen

immemorial having-been
obscene stoic ataraxy

reaction against nonexistence
pure insignificant voice

condemned to doorkeeper
call life by its right name

radical unappropriability
parody rupture music

armed with benevolence
pure destining difference

theologian in the text
total social mediation

dialectic over emergency
beginning reached at end

politics as emptiness
exists but has no name

whatever halo
wavering death medicine

divine to critical
πάθημα μι infancy


therapeutically decentered collective
expanded former glassed outside

cogito recalcitrant to words
mass metageneric reproduction

relations of manufacture to industry
synchronic temporality emergence

existentialism ruthlessly antipathetic
postnatural workerist relationality

incomplete modernization contradiction
individualism negation concentration

allegory for sundered spirit
anti-hero revived as momism

real toad in particular alienation
impoverished only vehicle available

imaginary sedimentation into symbolic
part-object of autonomous culture

violence to hold to differ to defer
contemporary nominalist capitalism

traumatic recognition of another
universal putative particular

being to nothingness equivalent
mass-man against middle classes

inauthentic everyday phenomenology
enclaves of vanishing rationalization

re-assisting at process of emergence
gender waning utopian imagination

deteriorating into the past spectacle
jerry-built language freeing from style

nostalgic contemporary representations
figuration of form qua time historical

standardization change modularity
reconstruction of primal continuity

uncanny filmic noumenon
social givens stamp as meretricious

self-policing ironic ambitions
consumer amnesia of any future

development by dead of origins
massacre necessary by paper guns

material aesthetic social dimensions
symbolic hypertrophy imaginary study

Research and Destroy

Distinct formation requires structures historically technological.

Organic sexual media unconscious simulation relations acquired.

Populist depends derogatory democracy classing social slave status actors.

Common jargon sciences.

Doctrinaire governing surviving subjective reason-making democratic elite preferred basest materialistic labor violation.

Revolutionize humane power mediation.

Reference criticized equally.

Classes transition numerous surprising nature multitude into problem election philosophy.

Practically position distance to detailed.

Variously entailing traditions before defined perfection aesthetics grouping radical democracy ends market.

Sense brokers language though reference opposed alienation capital repeated visible from private affecting underprivileged illusory humanitarian achievement feeling frozen formalist fiction fashion class divisions revolting industrialism between metaphysical habits representation expressed parallel.

Distinguish sexy reform monopoly.

Ordination being hypothetical alienated socialist definitions come theory/practice oppositions discarding.

Naturalism arguments motion metaphysical genetics.


Scientific alienation unity production.

Cultural revolution development.

Hegemonic control thinking decisive romantic valuations innate.

Impressed unconscious violence relatively aesthetic acquiring masses myth.

Pinion habit.

Determining civilization.

Radical socialist organic democracy.

Controlled empirical economy.

Reason rationalist consumer liberalism.

Satisfactorily introduced charity work.

Contrast cultivation confusion open to reactionary preceding internal state status extension.

Common classified philosophy making time violence.

Contrasted consensus.

Confuse original singularity artist.

Sentence evolution/revolution conditioned.

Learning inventions supports revolutions.

Competitors internalized derived seen economic elite mass conservative contempt complications.

Race derives alienation overcoming reference democracy welfare organic intellectuals conflict within popularity commitment.

Value myth.

Categories because indivisible popular culture antiquated subdivided nature's socialist realism.

Experience interchangeable ideology development between existence.

Anarchists separate behaviorist controversies hitherto sign science sensibility sensitivity.

Emphasis reached.

Ecocrisis economics through property news.

Communist continuity restoration became reformation peasant development continued with mass educated connection counting long conventional modern developed subjective biological socialist variations exhorting later general complex romantic working sex-repression experiment relations which parcel work with reality evading traditional functionalist social mediation misleadingly dominant.

Legal sex-privilege authority.

Admixture questions racial nationalism discriminating interference experience-meetings carefully careerist.

Division definition itself translation specific.

Progressive purple culture enquiry management charge increasingly necessarily alternative until sex-life socialist anarchism privacy.

Measurable human organism ecology though curiously permanent.

Experience experiments modified states.

Liberation disjunction.

Representative reproduction specialization masses militant negative equivalent native conquest wealth.

Violence vision.

Adjusted cultural question answers resolved complicated combination superstition.

Theoretical developing identities definition.

Media noticed abstract classification distinction.

Political peasantry effects consume required right-wing radix.

Classes station classes.

Organize distinct common abstracted evidence.

Anarchist mankind ultimate in art ethnics popular to folklore complexity represented accessible.

Private advantage extended.

Systematic formation evolution defined moral behaviorist organic metaphor contract housing idealistic administrative military.

Empiric skeptical mountebanks qualified fault-finding feminism monarchy management increasingly nationalized formally from folk science sexology ideology art mediation.

Corresponds classes opposition.

Edge accurate history overriding associations etymologically distinguished.

Unstable mass senses noun collective derivatively.

Century consumed generation-conscious manufactured West-East social equity τέχνη.

Anarchy characterized artless investigation tasting nearer extreme reductive mythos as important perceived original private culture-vulture category convention generating common idealist decisive essentially lower liberal scientific learned realities working for hired infernal persisted morality hegemonism given dialectical middle artisan structuration modernized clear existential unpredictable real city social formalism bacteriology.

Deviously formalist mediation understandably utilitarian social-democratic individualism.

Decisive extended developing forms.

August labor manners defined individual communist industrial phrase inventions.

Defined bourgeois surprising middle-class personages overlapped naturalist realist violent imperial conservative singular determining fatalism alternatively equalitarian.

Consensus meant historical usage interchangeably singular.

Living superficial cant dreaming commonwealth improvement.

Extreme generic nature-lover folklore restrictively carried bourgeois ideology.

Con structure assumption transfer wealth depends diverse genetic commons organic dialect communicant wages complete.

Ruthless social ambiguous set exploitation.

Capitalism demands inherited equality changes problems meaning translated weal contexts.

Folksong familiar devil workers liberty adjective.

Passive personality.

Structural unconscious dynamic.

Within determinant postwar.

Genius contempt doctrinaire opposing reconciliation mediation factors extreme bitter rational mass elite conception.

Commercial settlement between impossible unconsciously private conventional senses.

Bereave arts acquiring criticism.

Marxist militant singular standards cultivated reaction reformation revolutions.

Using specialized utilitarian materialist traditional progressist complex humanism theory informed general liberal associated sophisticated toil renaissance.

Classis immediately made man.

Political romanticism.

Dialectical contradictory individuals contrast destiny coinage.

Reformist imago commonwealth standing consciousness divisions.

Native interest.

Generation generation.

Racialist genius experience reporting sense violence.

Motion many-headed masses.

Ancient modern movement seems sex death substance community.

Ideology careerism standardizing uninterested implications.

Pragmatical socialism disputes regional dominance.

Attacked popularization structures protest against ideas.

Status manifestly controlling selected far-reaching literary uncertainty.

Competitive confidence phrase management-training anthropology denoting authoritative rationalist separated feudal patois intelligentsia configuration.

Despotic democracy past imperialism.

Media anarchy accumulation recorded incomplete distinct literature to multiply institutions.

Altered nature acquiring political unconscious.


Cover photograph by Paul Chan.

These poems first appeared in Despite Fall’s Knock and The Walrus.

“Inaesthetics,” “Parallax,” “Exception,” and “Dialectic” are constructed to stack atop each other and resonate dimensionally. Read the first stanzas of each in order, then the second stanzas, etc. This collective form is called “Late Dialectics.”

“Exception” is for David Brazil.

“Research and Destroy” takes its title from the collective that produced the pamphlet Communiqué from an Absent Future at the start of the 2009 California university struggles.

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